One day of Anh Phi


my name is Anh-Phi. I was born on Nov 29th 2012 in Dortmund, Germany. After 5 days in hospital I went home with my parents and began the first days of my beautiful life. Can you imagine what do I usually do everyday? I will show you now ^^

Sometimes when I was sleeping very well …

My Mom picked me up to cradled me in her arms

and woke me up 😦

then put something in my mouth

Ah ha, milk, that was milk

Thank you Mom, your milk is the best food in the world 😉

When I was full (or Mom thought so), I was put back to my bed

and played with … my face 😀 I don’t know why, but my parents are very interested in the emotions on my face!!

Oop, something happened!!! In this case, only Papa knew what it was…

don’t look at me, I am very ashamed 😛

actually, Papa solved the problem very well 😀 Good job, Papa 😉

I felt asleep again. Mom gave me my favorite toy …

and I began to dream ^^


After a few hours I wake up and drink milk and (…) and sleep then wake up and drink milk and (…) and sleep then …. I don’t need to go to school, don’t have to do homework, mustn’t think about the global economic crisis,… Wonderful life, right? 😉 Hihi

My story for today is over. See you next time heart

[Photos & Story by TnV – 04.11.2012]


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